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Doodle Cricket

Doodle Cricket – Cricket Game enthusiasts, listen up! If you’re looking for a delightful way to pass the time and indulge in some cricketing action, look no further than Doodle Cricket. This charming and addictive online cricket game has been capturing the hearts of players worldwide. In this article, we will dive into the exciting world of Doodle Cricket, exploring its gameplay, features, and why it’s become such a sensation among cricket lovers.

Doodle Cricket App Overview

Game NameDoodle Cricket – Cricket Game
Developed byPrint More India
GenreSports video game, Simulation Game
DateApril 12, 2020
Doodle Cricket – Cricket

What is Doodle Cricket – Cricket Game?

Doodle Cricket Cricket
Doodle Cricket Cricket

Doodle Cricket Cricket is an online browser-based cricket game that offers an engaging and simplified cricket experience. Created with a fun and doodle-like aesthetic, the game doesn’t take itself too seriously, making it accessible to players of all ages and skill levels.

The Gameplay

The game’s simplicity is one of its major attractions. It features a one-button control system, ensuring that anyone can pick it up and start playing immediately. This makes it an ideal choice for both cricket aficionados and those new to the sport.

Features of Doodle Cricket

Doodle Cricket boasts a range of features that set it apart from other cricket games:

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  • 1. User-Friendly Interface

The game’s user interface is intuitive and easy to navigate, ensuring a seamless gaming experience for players.

  • 2. Multiple Game Modes

Doodle Cricket offers various game modes, including One-Day Internationals, T20 matches, and even Test cricket, allowing players to choose their preferred format.

  • 3. Simple Controls

With just one button to control the gameplay, Doodle Cricket eliminates the need for complex maneuvers, making it accessible to everyone.

  • 4. Quirky Graphics

The doodle-like graphics and animations add a unique charm to the game, making it visually appealing.

  • 5. Global Leaderboards

Compete with players from around the world and climb the global leaderboards to showcase your cricketing skills.

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Doodle Cricket has gained immense popularity for several reasons:

  • 1. Accessibility

Its straightforward gameplay and controls make it easy for anyone to enjoy a game of cricket without the steep learning curve.

  • 2. Addictive Nature

The simplicity of Doodle Cricket is paradoxically addictive. Players find themselves coming back for “just one more match” repeatedly.

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  • 3. Nostalgia

The doodle-style graphics evoke a sense of nostalgia, reminding players of their childhood doodles and drawings.

  • 4. Stress Relief

Doodle Cricket provides a relaxing and enjoyable way to de-stress and take a break from the daily grind.


In conclusion, Doodle Cricket is a fantastic online cricket game that offers a refreshing take on the sport. Its accessibility, addictive gameplay, and charming graphics have made it a beloved choice among cricket fans and casual gamers alike. So, why wait? Access Doodle Cricket now and experience the joy of cricket in a whole new way!

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