How Many NBA Games in a Season?

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How many NBA Games in a season

How Many NBA Games in a Season? if you searching then You have inquiries regarding the NBA schedule, whether you’re here because the season is just getting started, it’s getting close, or you’re somewhere in the middle.

The NBA season should run from the fall to the spring of the next calendar year if everything goes as planned.

The strategy might always be derailed by a league lockout or a pandemic (such as COVID-19). But for the time being, let’s ignore such options.

The NBA season is longer in terms of games played than the NFL, but shorter than Major League Baseball. Fun fact: The NHL season’s length is actually equal to the length of the games (read on for the precise number).

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Those account for the “big four” North American sports leagues. 

How many NBA Games in a season

How many NBA Games in a season

How many NBA Games in a season?

The NBA season, which lasts from October to April, features 82 games for each team. Teams from each conference that finished seventh through tenth in the regular season compete in a play-in tournament to advance to the postseason. The playoffs include 16 teams competing in an elimination series that can run up to four rounds.

Teams who make a strong run to the finals are assured to play more than 100 games throughout the season when the preseason and playoffs are taken into account.

Remember that postseason participation extends the regular season by up to two months and pays players more during each round.

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how many of the NBA’s home games?

Throughout the season, each NBA team will play 41 home games. In essence, teams split their calendar into an equal number of home (41) and away (41) games.

There are exceptions to the rule as when two teams promote a regular season game in a country internationally. 

For instance, in December 2022, the Miami Heat play the San Antonio Spurs in Mexico City. In January 2023, the Chicago Bulls and Detroit Pistons will play each other in Paris, France.

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The parity between clubs’ home and road games may change once they make the playoffs.

This is due to the fact that each playoff round is a best-of-seven elimination series with the higher-ranked club receiving home-field advantage.

How many NBA Games in a season

How many NBA Games in a season

However, the number of home and away games is uncertain because the series is decided by the first team to four victories.

Each team receives a minimum of two home games, with a 2-2-1-1-1 series game structure. This effectively implies that the higher-ranked team will play two home games, two away games, one home game, one away game, and one home game.

How many NBA Preseason Games?

NBA teams play between 4-6 preseason games over the course of two weeks before the start of the regular season.

The preseason games take place during late September and early October.

This enables the managers and coaches to assess new players and get their starting players back into game shape. 6 -

How many NBA Games in a season

Rookies, draft picks, players from affiliate teams (such as the G League), and newly signed players all fall under the category of new players.

First-time NBA players are given the opportunity to compete for a position on the roster for the first game. They might contend with established players for those positions.

While this is going on, coaches may test out various in-game tactics to discover what works best for their lineups.

How many Play-In Tournament Games?

The purpose of play-in tournaments was to give teams from each conference who were ranked 7th through 10th a chance to advance to the playoffs. Additionally called the Page-McIntyre scheme.

The eight teams compete in six play-in tournament matches. 7 -

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Teams in positions 7 and 8 face-off, with the winner earning a playoff spot.

The club that loses this series will get a second shot to earn a playoff spot by taking on the victor of the contest between the teams who finished ninth and tenth.

If the ninth or tenth-place team wins both of its play-in games, they will instead advance to the playoffs.

How many NBA Playoff Games?

Teams in the NBA playoffs can play anywhere from 4 to 28 games. 8 -

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The playoffs consist of four best-of-seven elimination rounds. The first team to four victories advances to the next round.

Therefore, if a club drops its first four games in the playoffs, they are eliminated from the competition, and the opposing team moves on to the second round.

A club can play all seven games in each round, win those series 4-3, and play a total of 28 games.

With the exception of losing the previous series 4-3, the NBA Finals runner-up could experience an identical outcome.

Be aware that in order to win the Larry O’Brien NBA Championship Trophy, the NBA Champions must win 16 games overall during the playoffs.


The NBA’s 82-game schedule is a carefully crafted balance between revenue generation, player development, and fan engagement. It contributes to the league’s unique charm and ensures that basketball enthusiasts are treated to a thrilling spectacle every season.

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