Coin Master free cards – How to win them

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Coin Master free cards

Are you looking for Coin Master free cards? Well, this is a guide for you. Cards as well as villages, are collectible in Coin Master. You can check out your card collection at any time from the menu, which includes pets, candy, Halloween, and other themed cards. But how do you get a free card? Well, that’s what we’re going to put into this guide.

Coin Master allows players to swap 75 of their cards in exchange for a Card Chest. The cost of 75 is pretty steep, but if you are truly a card proponent, you might have tons of unused cards just taking up space in your inventory. This option is too expensive and luck-based to be very reliable, but at least it gives you another chance to win the card you need.

Coin Master free cards strategy

Coin Master free cards
Coin Master free cards

If it’s similar games you’re looking for, our best mobile strategy games and lists of the best mobile passive games will keep you busy We’ve also compiled the best mobile games of all time on our iOS best games and best Android games lists For but now let’s focus on how to get Coin Master free card.

Request cards from the community

Coin Master free cards
Coin Master free cards

With Moon Active, you can exchange your unwanted cards with the rest of the community on Facebook in a safe and secure environment. We highly recommend starting here and really zone in on the cards you need for your collection.

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This is the easiest way to get the documents you want. The Coin Master community on Facebook is huge, and it’s possible to find someone willing to part with one of your duplicates if it helps someone in need.

Exchange cards for chests

If you’re not interested in exchanging a few cards with locals, there’s a built-in feature that lets you swap a card deck for a duplicate of 75 cards. Using this strategy won’t fill your library as quickly as trading with the community, but it’s a useful feature nonetheless

Get Card Chests

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Do you have some spare cash dropping in your wallet? Purchase a card chest so you can keep it forever and finish the card set.

As soon as you upgrade your city and you can no longer pay, you should consider using your savings to buy a few boxes of cards if you are looking for a few extra cards as this is a great way to get them you touch them.

Get your daily rewards

You also get Coin Master free cards from Moon Active’s daily link every day; Collecting daily will fill your collection faster. The Official Coin Master Facebook is page is always bustling with official bonuses and prizes, so follow them and check out the bonuses in store for you.

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can I get Coin Master free cards?

There are many ways to earn free Coin Master cards, such as completing events, opening chests, participating in giveaways, trading with other players, or even earning free cards from friends who send you.

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