Globle Answer Today (November 2023) All the Latest Game Hints

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Globle Answer Today

Globle answer today’s response is a big change from Wordle  Another version of everyone’s favorite word game is called Globle. While there are some basic similarities. Globle offers a geography-based puzzle with a brand-new solution to tackle every day. Any country can be chosen as the starting point for those who want to play. As you get closer, the game will let you know, allowing you to focus your search.

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Even if you are an expert in geography, it can be difficult to predict the Globle response every day. This is why we’ve provided some pointers on this page to direct your thinking in the direction of the correct response. We also offer the answer if you’d prefer to know it straight away.

Globle Answer Today (November) 2023

globle answer today
Game NameGloble – wordle Country game
Also knows asWordle Global guessing game
Developed byAbe Train
new puzzle time12:00 am local time of your device
PlatformsAndroid, iOS, Web
MonthNovember 2023
Globle official

Yesterday November Globle Answer

yesterday Globle Answer For those who are unfamiliar with the game or don’t play it every day, let’s first review the Globle answer solution from yesterday, which was Antigua and Barbuda“ Therefore, we can state with certainty that this is not the Globle answer for today. Now that’s in mind,

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How To Play Globle puzzle Game

Globle answer today
Globle answer today

Globle is a very enjoyable and easy game to play. To begin, players only need to go to the game and click on the globe. Players should input their initial guess—which can be any nation in the world—when the globe appears. On the map, this nation will be highlighted in a certain hue.

Your guess is further from the solution the closer the hue gets to white. The more red it appears as, the closer your guess was to the correct response. The objective is to identify the mystery country with the smallest number of guesses possible. When you correctly guess it, it will turn green, and the game will be over.

For example, if the mystery country is France, the following nations would show up with these colors if correctly identified:

Untitled design 3 -
Image Credit: Globle

How to install Wordle Globle App

  • Globle does not have a Google Play or App Store application.
  • If you come across one, it’s undoubtedly a copycat, so I advise you to stay away from it.
  • If you come across one, it’s undoubtedly a copycat, so I advise you to stay away from it.

Globle November Answer 2023

Date of GlobleDaily Globle answers
Nov 28, 2023Netherlands
Nov 27, 2023Germany
Nov 26, 2023Grenada
Nov 25, 2023Madagascar
Nov 24, 2023Ethiopia
Nov 23, 2023Brazil
Nov 22, 2023Mozambique
Nov 21, 2023Equatorial Guinea
Nov 20, 2023France
Nov 19, 2023Antigua and Barbuda
Nov 18, 2023Slovakia
Nov 17, 2023Angola
Nov 16, 2023Chile
Nov 15, 2023Barbados
Nov 14, 2023Oman
Nov 13, 2023North Macedonia
Nov 12, 2023Sierra Leone
Nov 11, 2023Portugal
Nov 10, 2023Guinea-Bissau
Nov 9, 2023Turkiye
Nov 8, 2023Grenada
Nov 7, 2023Australia
Nov 6, 2023Liberia
Nov 5, 2023Philippines
Nov 4, 2023Morocco
Nov 3, 2023Sudan
Nov 2, 2023Malawi
Nov 1, 2023Pakistan
Globle DatePast Global Country Answers
18th Oct 2023Costa Rica
17th Oct 2023Botswana
16th Oct 2023Ghana
15th Oct 2023Estonia
14th Oct 2023Costa Rica
13th Oct 2023Canada
12th Oct 2023Jordan
11th Oct 2023Ukraine
10th Oct 2023Nicaragua
9th Oct 2023Singapore
8th Oct 2023Nauru
7th Oct 2023Suriname
6th Oct 2023Saudi Arabia
5th Oct 2023Brunei
4th Oct 2023Democratic Republic of Congo
3rd Oct 2023USA
2nd Oct 2023Haiti
1st Oct 2023Turkmenistan
September 30Cuba
September 29Liberia
September 28Iraq
September 27Kosovo
September 26Kosovo
September 25Laos
September 24St. Vincent and the Grenadines
September 23Guinea-Bissau
September 22Moldova
September 21Bosnia and Herzegovina
September 20Fiji
September 19São Tomé and Príncipe
September 18Laos
September 17Turkmenistan
September 16Germany
September 15South Sudan
September 14Honduras
September 13Honduras
September 12Lebanon
September 11Gabon
September 10Chile
September 9Ghana
September 8Czechia
September 7Cuba
September 6Somalia
September 5Mexico
September 4Iran
September 3Bhutan
September 2Benin
September 1Spain
August 31Qatar
August 30Guatemala
August 29Malaysia
August 28Papua New Guinea
August 27Hungary
August 26Nigeria
August 25Niger
August 24Turkmenistan
August 23Austria
August 22Iraq
August 21Antigua and Barbuda
August 20Ukraine
August 19Singapore
August 18Maldives
August 17Costa Rica
August 16Sweden
August 15Cyprus
August 14Japan
August 13Saudi Arabia
August 12Denmark
August 11Cambodia
August 10Eritrea
August 9Lebanon
August 8Armenia
August 7USA
August 6Democratic Republic of Congo
August 5Indonesia
August 4Bolivia
August 3Central African Republic
August 2Bahrain
August 1Chad
July 31Cuba
July 30Zimbabwe
July 29Kenya
July 28Tajikistan
July 27Uganda
July 26Suriname
July 25Ghana
July 24Dominican Republic
July 23Micronesia
July 22Malawi
July 21Mali
July 20St. Lucia
July 19Pakistan
July 18Yemen
July 17Argentina
July 16Tunisia
July 15Namibia
July 14Cameroon
July 13Nicaragua
July 12Japan
July 11Vatican
July 10Rwanda
July 9Bangladesh
July 8Finland
July 7Myanmar
July 6Nicaragua
July 5Dominica
July 4Italy
July 3Tajikistan
July 2Fiji
July 1Fiji
June 30St. Kitts & Nevis
June 29Taiwan
June 28North Korea
June 27Nigeria
June 26Vanuatu
June 25Timor-Leste
June 24Cameroon
June 23Madagascar
June 22Honduras
June 21Chile
June 20Barbados
June 19Grenada
June 18Slovakia
June 17Andorra
June 16Democratic Republic of the Congo
June 15Palau
June 14Jordan
June 13Papua New Guinea.
June 12Zambia
June 11Kenya
June 10Oman
June 9Turkey
June 8Germany
June 7Bhutan
June 6Albania
June 5Vanuatu
June 4Tanzania
June 3Rwanda.
June 2Liechtenstein
June 1Latvia
May 31Central African Republic
May 30Guatemala
May 29Guinea-Bissau
May 28St. Kitts and Nevis
May 26Lithuania
May 25Slovakia
May 24Pakistan
May 23Nepal
May 22Kiribati
May 21Malaysia
May 20Belarus
May 19Laos
May 18Benin
May 17Honduras
May 16New Zealand
May 15Monaco
May 14Morocco
May 13Belgium
May 12Switzerland
May 11Myanmar
May 10Papua New Guinea
May 9Singapore
May 8Malawi
May 7Estonia
May 6Liberia
May 5El Salvador
May 4Ghana
May 3Antigua and Barbuda
May 2India
May 1Tajikistan
April 30Hungary
April 29Zimbabwe
April 28Jordan
April 27Iceland
April 26Indonesia
April 25Palestine
April 24Spain
April 23Nigeria
April 22CUBA
April 21Fiji
April 20San Marino
April 19North Korea
April 18United Arab Emirates
April 17Italy
April 16Rwanda.
April 15Venezuela
April 14Singapore
April 13Kenya
April 12Estonia
April 11Guinea
April 10Kuwait
April 9Togo.
April 8Dominica
April 7Cyprus
April 6Kazakhstan
April 5Romania
April 4Botswana
April 3Turkmenistan
April 2Japan
April 1Nauru

Final Word Globle Game

Play this fun online game and don’t forget to leave your guesses in the comments. You must CTRL+ D-bookmark our website in case you are unable to discover it. Is there a word game that you prefer to Globle? You can then let us all know by adding your thoughtful comments below. Come back tomorrow to receive the most recent solutions to the Globle online game’s mysteries. Thank you for reading until then.

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