Pet Master free spins and coins (December 2023) updated daily links

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Pet Master free spins

A list of all new Pet Master free spins and coins, money, and more, our tips, tricks, and some other useful links to more freebies. Pet owners have the same experience with Coin Master, except the subject is the pet. You visit animal-themed worlds, collect cards, and spin the slot machine an unhealthy number of times. This brings us nicely to the purpose of this guide: to give you a set of Pet Master free spins.

Just like our Coin Master free spins guide, this article will give you daily links for Free spins, coins, and lots of goodies. These are the official links provided by developer Moon Active, so you don’t have to worry about being banned for cheating or opening your device to potentially harmful viruses, let’s check out the latest links.

DateRewardCoin Collect here
December 5Coming soonLink
December 4Coming soonLink
December 3Comming soonLink

December 1

November 29

free spin pet master hack

free spin pet master
free spin pet master

Need Pet Master free spins for the popular mobile slot game Moon Active on iOS and Android? Much depends on its cousin, Coinmaster, pet to keep players coming back with a moreish mix of easy-to-digest slot-style gameplay that is very easy on the eyes.

If you’ve got the bug, you’re in it for the long haul. At some point, you cut your stock of free spins and strongly consider forking out real-world money for more. However, these do not make it cheaper. Fortunately, here are links to save the day and get you going without spending a dime.

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pet master spins Winning strategy

If you have friends with great gaming reputations you can get a lot of free spins if they are generous enough to give you some gifts. To do so, simply ask for a spin from your friends or if you’ve got them, just hit them up and bet. Make sure you don’t ask the same person earlier in the day as they can only be sent once per day.

pet master unlimited spins

Developer Moon Active releases free prizes and gifts for the Pet Master game daily through its social media arm. We’ve pulled them together to save you the trouble of jumping between Facebook and Twitter to find them Now you can use these to expand your pet camp and work towards your ultimate goal of being the most influential pet kingdom.

pet master rewards

You get to roll 6 dice per round and new dice will be added for use every hour. You can add more dice to your inventory by clearing certain missions and events that have dice as their reward.

March 3rd, 2023Free Spins March 3rd, 2023
March 4th, 2023Free Spins March 4th, 2023
March 5th, 2023Free Spins March 5th, 2023
March 6th, 2023Free Spins March 6th, 2023
March 8th, 2023Free Spins March 8th, 2023
March 14th, 2023Free Spins March 14th, 2023
March 21st, 2023Free Spins March 21st, 2023

Pet Master free spins FAQ

Pet Master free spins
Pet Master free spins

Aside from the simple and intuitive gameplay it offers, Pet Master is popular because it closely resembles another popular slot machine-based mobile game, Coin Master. Both games were developed by the same studio as Moon Active, the developers of Coin Master.

How do you get free spins in Pet Master?

Each day, developer Moon Active releases up to two links offering 25 free spins per person. We have listed all of these above.

How else can I get free Pet Master spins?

While the links above are the easiest way to earn free spins, cash, etc. on Pet Master, there are other ways to get the free stuff described.

Where Can I Find Pet Master Hacks?

There are no Pet Master hacks, you don’t need any hack to get free spins on Pet Master as we will share free spins’ links daily.


You can earn 60 spins as a reward while playing; Follow in-game events and Pet Master’s social media profiles, but the links rarely click the giveaway X60 account.

CAN You GET 100 Pet Master FREE SPINS?

PvP battles, Raid mode rewards 100 spins most of the time, but the daily spinlink rarely gives X100 spins. For an additional spin, we suggest following the events of the game, the quest.

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